Stray Kids 2022 Desk Calendar

Stray Kids 2022 Desk Calendar


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🖤Stray Kids 2022 Desk Calendar

🖤Stray Kids is a South Korean boy group consisting of 8 members: Bang Chan, Lee Min Ho, Seo Chang Bin, Hwang Hyun Jin, Han Ji Sung, Lee Young Bok, Kim Seung Min, and Liang Jing Yin

🖤Desk calendar size: 13.5*17cm

     Desk calendar inner page size: 13.5*15cm

🖤Weight: 130g

🖤Stray Kids Desk Calendar 2022

🖤Each page of a month, different picture of Stray Kids

🖤Best gift for Stray Kids fans, K-POP fans

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